Disability and citizenship

Research on parentality by Núcleo DISCA in La Tercera

On November 23rd, the newspaper La Tercera published the article: “Unpublished study reveals that half of the people with disabilities in Chile have children”, based on a study prepared by Núcleo Milenio DISCA, from the latest version of the National Survey on Disability and Dependency (ENDIDE). The study revealed that 47.8% of people with disabilities in Chile are mothers or fathers and live with their children. This figure is similar to the non-disabled population with children.

“Until today we did not know how many people with disabilities are mothers and fathers in Chile,” explained the director of DISCA and author of the study, Florencia Herrera, who added that “the official data on parenthood does not ask about disability and the official data on disability does not ask about the presence of children. This is a transcendental data to guide public policies regarding family and childhood”.

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