Disability and citizenship


Lámina con gráfica de DISCA con fondo blanco e ies de colores, con la silueta de persona. Arriba una franja en gris con letras en negro: Ejecutado Político, Panguipulli, 1973. Abajo una franja en negro con letras blanco: Pedro Purísimo Barría Ordoñez. 22 años, MIR y MCR. Estudiante de dactilografía con discapacidad física.

PEDRO PURÍSIMO BARRIA ORDOÑEZ (22 years old) ⚡️Panguipulli, 1973⚡️ Student of typing with physical disability. Militant of the MIR and MCR.

As a child, Pedro suffered from Poliomyelitis which led him to live with a permanent physical disability and to use crutches to get around. At the age of 22, he was studying typing and was a militant of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR) and the Revolutionary Peasant Movement (MCR). He carried out literacy work with the families of the workers of the Panguipulli Timber and Forestry Complex. He was arrested on September 12, 1973 at the Complex along with eleven other workers, who were taken to the Valdivia Public Jail. There he was subjected to a war council, whose legality did not exist, being falsely accused of assaulting the Retén Neltume and sentenced to death along with the other detainees. What witnesses have assured is that the workers together with Pedro were demonstrating for the Carabineros not to join the coup d’état that took place the day before.

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